I’m seriously just so pissed off at this fandom to the point of where I would leave just because of it.

You tear down harry CONSTANTLY, its not like this happens every once in a great while. He is 18. He is a teenager. I’m a year younger than him so I feel I would understand that being in the spot light all the time at this age would create a bunch of anxiety on a teenager. Don’t you guys ever think to give him a fucking break?

Honestly, half of you are fucking ridiculous and always try to find something about him to complain about. You are going to break that boy if you don’t shut the fuck up and let him live his life. I just want to sit with him and let him spill his guts and hug him cause lord knows he would have a lot to say.

He has already said he finds himself a bit disappointing naked, oh so let’s make him feel worse and pick out every flaw?? I’m sure most of us naked aren’t perfect. Harry doesn’t need or have to be perfect. He is a teenager with regular teenage flaws.

All I know is, harry searches his hate and I don’t want to have him upset over stupid people saying stupid things about his appearence. His flaws make him 100 times more beautiful and if you can’t see that then shut your mouth and leave.

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